Friday, February 20, 2015

Yan Lo (Month 0)

     Welcome to Flipping Jokers, my name is Karl, (also known as Kross1 on the forums), and I have a problem. I have an over-abundance of Masters that I own (most of them painted) that I have virtually no play experience with.  Brief back story....I started back in 1.5 looking to get reacquainted with the hobby after a 13 yr. hiatus. My kids are old enough to game now, and I thought to myself it would be nice to have a hobby again, maybe one of them would like it too. I started with the Kaeris box set and an extra blister of fire gamin, and was soon having my ass handed back to me on a weekly basis. I actually started winning towards the end there with Marcus as the man holding Kaeris' bag.

      It was during this period I quit smoking. You see, I have one of those addictive personalities. If it feels good, I want it more, and it seemed that Malifaux scratched that certain kind of itch for me (my wife calls it something else, but that's another story). I wanted to win and that meant I needed more models. I also knew I couldn't justify big expenditures on models (one of the things that drew me to this game in the first place). What was I to do? That's when it hit me, "What if I quit smoking, and then use the money I save on the cigarettes I don't smoke? Brilliant!!  That's when it happened, Kaeris turned into Marcus which turned to Zoraida, who needs a voodoo doll. Ooh ooh, Killjoy, and Bishop, get the picture. I just switched addictions. From smoking to Malifaux, oh the shame! Well no more I tell you, I mean it, I am putting my foot down.

      Which leads us to Yan Lo. You see, after the beta came and went I firmly remained an Arcanist, but in my heart of hearts I knew it. In that fateful Gencon order, I finally pulled the trigger.... I ordered the Red Chapel Gang. Behold! A filthy Resser is born! I already had 4 night terrors, 2 shikome, 3 canine remains, and I had bought the Molly box to get the rogue necromancy (I was probably in their necromantic grips as it was). So I was browsing one of our local stores after a tournament one fine evening, and Seamus' hat was still on fire from a crushing defeat at hands of one Mz. Cridd, and I came upon the Yan Lo box set or, truth be told, Chiaki.

      Chiaki in all her condition removing, incorporeal loveliness. Look, is that Yin!? Yes, please!! Well, Toshiro & Izamu looked so lonely sitting on shelf all by themselves. They shall come too. So after playing Molly and Seamus pretty consistently since the M2e drop, it was time to set them down for a bit and ToMBs was a good excuse to try someone else. Initially I was thinking McMourning (who I don't own), though Tara looks like a good time. I told you I had problem. I will learn to play with a Master I already own. I swear, really I do. So enter Yan Lo!

All prices based on Warstore and a base $60.00. 
  • Yan Lo box set $28.00
  • Toshiro $9.00
  • Yin $9.00

Grand total $48.00

       Izamu is $13.00, but that would have put me $ 1 over. So that will leave me with $12.00 which I will put in the kitty and ponder what to get next. My head tells me to go with rotten belles and punk zombies (which I already have), but my greedy heart wants that metal Kirai set with Datsu-Ba, yeah, you know the one......

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