Tuesday, February 10, 2015

2015 ToMB - Month Zero - Som'er

Hello All, and welcome to another attempt to build some accountability into my Malifaux gaming/hobby. 

Following a mad-dash painting push leading up to GenCon 2014, I returned home with a suitcase full of Malifaux shinies and absolutely no desire to pick up a brush. Now it's five months later, I've got the hobby itch again, and what better incentive is there to get models completed than public accountability? To help keep this ball rolling, a fellow Houston player has offered to join in on the ToMB shenanigans.

Sometime last Summer, I decided to become our Meta's token Gremlin player. I love the fluff, the humor that exudes from the sculpts, and the chaotic mechanics of their playstyle. Naturally, the Wyrd booth was my first stop at GenCon and I promptly bought at least one, if not two, of everything green. Coming from Neverborn and specifically Dreamer and Collodi, I decided to crack open The Kin box, Burt, and Gracie for a heavy-hitting change of pace. I've got somewhere around 20-25 games in with Ophelia and friends and now it's time for a change of pace. I'm looking at you Som'er...

Using thewarstore.com for pricing reference (prices in US$), my first month's purchases are:
  • The Bayou Boss $35.99
  • Slop Haulers $12.99

Total $48.98
Remaining Balance $11.02

The first round of purchasing was a bit discouraging. The budget wasn't quite large enough for extra bayou gremlins, and I couldn't justify buying Burt into the pool just to spend the cash. As it goes, I'm going to bank the balance to give me some more flexibility next month.

All done, my first month's model pool is:
  • Som'er
  • (2) Skeeters
  • Lenny
  • (4) Bayou Gremlins
  • (2) Slop Haulers
With such a small pool for a summoning master, I figure now is the time to push the summoning/sacrifice/boom combo. My hope is that with fewer models, it will be easier to learn the sequencing and various bubbles I need to maintain between Som'er, Lenny, and the skeeters.  

For the first month, we'll be playing 35SS games. Here's my preliminary list:
  • Som'er (Family Tree, Cache of 7)
  • (2) Skeeters
  • Lenny (Show Off)
  • (2) Bayou Gremlins
Obviously strats and schemes will shape the gameplay, but for the first 2 or 3 turns I don't see more than two BG's surviving from turn to turn. Between the skeeters and Lenny, the non-slow gremlins will either be dumb-lucking or yelling 'ya'll watch this' to pick off models or mitigate the opponent scoring from killing models. Som'er will be summoning early game, then join the shoot-ey fun for later turns or aid in scheme running if needed. In the early game, slop haulers will dish out the healing and then transition to splash damage and defense lowering hijinks for turn 4 and 5. 

We'll see how it pans out. 

For the hobbying side of the fun here's where I stand halfway into February:
  • Som'er (Assembled, Primed)
  • (2) Skeeters (Assembled, Primed)
  • Lenny (Painted, Basing Incomplete)
  • (2) Bayou Gremlins (Painted, Basing Incomplete)
  • (2) Bayou Gremlins (Partially Painted)
  • (1) Slop Hauler (Painted, Basing Incomplete)
  • (1) Slop Hauler (Partially Painted)

For the sake of getting the ball rolling, progress photos will be following soon along with a proper banner and profile info.

In the meantime, it's time to get back to the painting table. 

(MONSTERNOGGIN on the forums)

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